What People Say

See what our parents and students have to say about our classes.

"I highly recommend Music Together® for kids 0-4 (some even older still enjoy this method of music explanation). I found it to be the most engaging nurturing and fun way to develop both rhythmically and tonally. As a participating parent I developed my own musical understanding and range.I have been learning how to encourage my kids without being pushy and to spot developmental landmarks.

The process also got my husband to sing and even pull out his old guitar! Our enjoyment of the program has encouraged the kids to pursue their own creative music making. Even the little one is starting to "compose" as well as mimic all she hears.

All of these programs encourage you to play at home and not to expect your child to "perform" in class. I found it true with all the programs that kids will exhibit MUCH more of their understanding outside of the class, but my kids displayed more enjoyment during class at Music Together sessions than at any of the other programs for children that age."

" I highly recommend the Music Together classes which I have been taking with my 14 month old daughter. Though I have been a musician, dancer and singer for years and started sharing these with my baby before she was born, I have learned a lot from these classes about how to bring these dimensions of the human adventure into her world in a way that is fun for both of us (and in a way that avoids the traumas of my own childhood music education)."

"Music Together has made the car rides a pleasure. Like most typical 23 month olds, my daughter, Valerie Lyn loves going places but hates long car rides. We turned to music to sooth and calm her. Before enrolling in Music Together we had few musical options which only appeased her for a short time. Now whether its' a trip to the mall or a visit to the grandparents, Valerie yells from her seat, "Class! Class!"...her request for the Music Together CD. The music keeps her happy for the whole trip."

"My son Marc, almost 3, who often refuses to participate while at his Music Together class, more than makes up for it at home. He sings all the songs and does all the movements when class is over. One day Marc told me, his Mommy, that he wanted to "play" Music Together. He would be the teacher and I would be in his class. He started by picking up his harmonica and blowing a note (just like his teacher Jamie does with her tuner before songs). Then he began the "Hello" song with the words modified to his own taste: "

'Hello everybody So glad to see you
Hello to the cranes So glad to see you
Hello to the flatbeds So glad to see you
Hello to the dump trucks:' (Marc loves trucks.)